04 October 2014


Needing something (a muse) to come up with a concept for the same something (a muse) is a cyclical requirement that would normally spawn an error in our day to day technologically dominated lives. By default a muse/muza sparks off from a desire to need to be inspired, followed by a sensitivity and curiosity by a creative individual.

Contemporary architecture talks about experience often. And here too it is aimed to offer a experience. However experiencing MUŻA means MUŻA will experience you. And hence our proposal for MUŻA, we delve into a world of interactive involvement that aims to start a new museum typology. The approach forms the basis of attraction for patrons, the marketing for the location by implementing an interactive brand as well as the key to best purvey our national culture in an energy conscious and sustainable way.’

MJMDA would like to thank our partners in this project; Antonello Stella from 3TI LAB srl, Italy; 3TI SRL, Italy and Emanuele Cappelli from Cappelli Identity Design.

The proposal shall be available for viewing during the MUŻA Competition Exhibition held in the Auberge f’Italie in Valletta between the 4th and 21st of October.