Crossroads C

Location : Paceville

Status : Designed Oct 2008

Space many times generates solutions directly in combination with a project brief.  The peculiar dimensions of the Bay Street penthouse, in combination with columnar like impositions for ventilation scattered around the plan formed the basis for the laying out of the project.  Furthermore, the limited vertical height required a squeezing of services sideways and downwards.  Was translated to vertical monoliths to conceal those same services and integrate practically all others required.  These same monoliths stand as a symbol of permanence, as a disciplining rhythmic presence throughout the offices and their massive timber material a hallmark of classic timelessness.  A horizontal marble mass takes form as the reception and is inserted to juxtapose and create balance with the timber masses.  All else is light, transparent and translucent with the several glazed partitions.  The completed layout sees the creation of personal working spaces suited for a collection of individuals working independently but on a coherent canvas that surrounds and underlies them.