Symbiotic Equilibrium

Location : Balzan

Status : Designed Oct 2011

Homes always need their owners to make them complete. Before buildings can become homes a symbiotic relationship is established: give and take. For this home it is a little more than that. The new owners happened to hold a missing part of the houses history as their infatuation. Do you know how time passes over our lives and we sometimes altogether miss either certain experiences or events completely?

It happens to all of us and in this phenomenon seems to have happened to this house: until now. The building's history saw it built and developed in such a way that it was completely oblivious of anything baroque or decorative save a few balavostri. 2011 ushers in new owners that apart from an affinity to a well versed contemporary lifestyle, like a touch of deco to surround them and sophisticate their space. That which the house has missed over time happens to be the piece of the puzzle that the home requires in order to complete itself.