Project Bank






Designed July 2014

With One, we’ve transported you back to the Roaring Twenties.

Monochromatic and classic, One marries the old and the new. We retained the middle of the existing flooring, which served as inspiration for the first apartment’s contemporary look tinted with cyanotic blue tones.

Walking through the blue doors, you are engulfed in the darker tones of the monochromatic residence. Sit down on the plush, leather upholstered bed. Gaze upwards and let your mind wander into the depths of the ceiling print.

The blue balcony window is the perfect spot from which to spy on the world. This is a zone for comfort and enjoyment of the Mediterranean sun.

The living area is bright and airy. It captures the crispness of the white in a black and white photograph – chiaroscuro in play. Sleek greys and micro-cement blend with the walls and flooring.

Modern touches are perfectly camouflaged. They are a seamless addition to the history of the building’s pre-existing architecture.