26 July 2019

Passion, Quality & Kaizen

“With more than 15 years of experience, MJMDA architects in Malta
[Matthew James Mercieca Design Architects]
has always tried to challenge the status quo.
Founder and lead architect Matthew J. Mercieca,
has advocated a design centered approach based on client
requirements to achieve a completed project that is a user
experience and an integrated whole.

With the customer at the centre of the process, it becomes
immediately clear that how the holistic project is completed
and moreover delivered is crucial. MJMDA offers total design
professional services and value. This means that its capabilities
range from architectural design, structural engineering,
building services engineering, interior design and also project

This means that the level of control that MJMDA can exert on
the final internal layer of the interior design is of a high degree.
This is so not only in situations where MJMDA is engaged as often
happens with the entire process but also in situations where the
firm is engaged to focus on one aspect of the services.
Being innovative, creative and being dedicated to detail is part of
MJMDA’s daily work ethic. This is reflected in the projects executed
from conception, going through the entire planning phase to the
delivery of the final property or product. The company is already
recognized by the high level of quality, usability and meticulous
planning, but is a continuous improvement advocate or what the
Japanese call kaizen.

One aspect of MJMDA’s projects far and wide is the focus of
creating a valid design concept for any project it is engaged upon.
No project is the same and MJMDA has no style, other than one
dedicated to process and performance for user results: whether
its relaxation at home, performance in the workplace or business.
Some examples from MJMDAs recently completed projects have
been selected to be shared through photos and their conceptual