13 May 2013


New York! New York! During March of 2013 10 lucky fourth year students got to visit the city that never sleeps for a jam packed architecturally driven trip with architects Matthew J. Mercieca, their tutor and Janice Fiorentino.

Over the years lead architects from all over the globe have fought to make their mark in the capital. The group made their way around the city visiting their favorite ‘starchitects’, gaining insite to their detailing and interiors, whist also fueling up on creative inspiration for their own design projects.

A few of the sites they visted included; the Tashcen store by Starck, the Modern Museum of Art, Fuksas Armani store and Aoki’s Louis Vuitton, the Whitney Museum by Breuer of the Bauhaus, the 9/11 memorial and the Gugenheiem Museum.