08 November 2013


TEN: The first of the double digits. A mile stone but not the mile stone. A reflective pause before the rest of the journey. TEN is energetic, still young and hungry for adventure – nevertheless it’s sharp and understands the world around it. TEN is an exhibition set up by Matthew James Mercieca Design Architects [MJMDA] to share their journey to date and project their visions for the future.


TEN is an exhibition that will look into sharing MJMDA’s tenses with a broader audience to:
Look into our past, celebrate their accomplishments and what got them to where they are today.
Share their present projects, to incite better awareness of what it takes to create products to our desired multidisciplinary technicality.
Peek into the architectural visions of future through exploration and dedicated development in collaboration with architecture and engineering students.

TEN [10] TENSES would not have been possible had it not been for our sponsors Pace & Mercieca, Mediterranean Building Finishes, Flow by S&S Bathrooms, SS Lifts, Schranz Construction, Nexos, Brands International, Doneo, Godwin Azzopardi and San Patrignano Wines.