14 May 2014


For a short while, the parade grounds of Fort St. Elmo, will be the centre of the Malta design week- an initiative put together to challenge, explore and enhance local design.

A fort is designed using defined geometry; an entity built to protect. At the basis of the raw geometry are lines that are so valuable, that they remain invisibly present. Using the foundation of these lines, a mass muses into existence: a potentially prominent entity within the parade ground. The birth of this mass springs through hardstone, and hence wants to breathe life in the newly restored fort. And life will be there: by the injection of people and their experiences during design week, and also by the foliage-laden nature that the mass acquires.

The creation and curation challenge of the birth of this mass was taken up by MJMDA for MDW 2014 with the support of several key sponsors and the help of funds from the crowd who will be using and enjoying it.

The birth of this volume will offer confrontation, an experiential route through it and a vantage point to experience the fort as it goes through the week. Its geometrical form will set the perspectival routes and flow of people around it in order to instil focus, instigate reflection, and alter perception depending on where one stands, and in what direction one travels.