Borgo Franc

Location : Madliena

Status : Completed Oct 2013

The bureaucratic, ever increasingly regulated world is constantly distancing many of us from our human urge to be liberated. Regular people face this reality. And professionals face it even more so: procedures, standards, methods and approvals.

Most of the time the standards of community are generally increased through the activity of the people who face this systematic work practise, added attention and procedure. But where does this leave these people when it’s time for them to go home?

How are they to find their intrinsic urge to be liberated, and hence strive for happiness?

We have channelled our energies for this home to design it for the person within our client that represents the liberation of humanity: borgo franc, an alter-ego. However this is an alter-ego that is not an escape from reality, but a return to it. Present in every aspect of the project we find willingness for a rebirth to humanity.


Photography : Peter M. Mercieca 

Styling: Camilleri Paris Mode with accessories, boconcept with furnishings, MJMDA with negronis.