A World Apart






Finalised Jun 2012

We designed this apartment for an IT programmer and business manager. The result needed to be dynamic and technologically apt.

The MJMDA project team introduced geometry and surgical splices into the layout as well as custom-made furnishings to echo our client’s character and style. Geometric patterns spark eye movement and have given a sense of dynamicity to the previously uninspiring hallways in the apartment.

Through consultations with our client, we created a vision infused by natural materials, including marble, veneer and Mediterranean tones. In the end, this choice led to a calm living environment that balances out the hectic goings-on in daily life.

Photography: Peter M Mercieca
Styling: BoConcept, Biggie Best



Fantastic Architects with attention to detail all the way! We engaged MJMDA for full finishing of our apartment. The result is a fully functional modern space, giving us much needed storage in areas we never thought possible, and made our home practical and comfortable, not to mention all the thought that went into the lighting scenes and networking. Also cannot not mention the Online Profiler service they have… got out all the differences my wife and I had and was an eye opener on the many things we forgot we wanted or even needed. This together with their excellent service really removes a lot of the guess work and reduces the stress of any project. Keep up the great job and Thank you!