A World Apart






Finalised Oct 2013

We have a human urge for freedom. We strive to be liberated and fly free.

But the bureaucratic, highly regulated world we live in distances us from our natural impulse. As architects, engineers and designers, we face the suffocating limitations of procedures, standards, methods and approvals daily.

How then can we realise our intrinsic urge for liberation at home? Our mission to be surrounded by happiness when we’re off the clock is accomplished through the right design.

In Borgo Franc, we channelled our energies into creating a home for the person seeking liberation from the restrictions of society.

Borgo Franc is an alter-ego. However, rather than an escape from humanity or reality, it is actually a return to it. Throughout its architectural embrace, Borgo Franc takes us back to what it really means to be human. After a long day at work, its clean lines, striking lighting and a conversation-triggering layout awaken in us a willingness to grab hold of life rather than run from it.

Photography: Peter M Mercieca
Styling: Camilleri Paris Mode (accessories); BoConcept (furnishings); and, MJMDA (negronis).



Prior to completing the purchase of my apartment contacted MJMDA in order to find out if my aspirations were possible. Immediately realised they were the ones we wanted to go with because of their ideas and informative approach, as well as providing great value. They conducted a detailed survey and sat down with me to confirm my ideas. The project required detailed plans for internal layout changes, including structural calculations. The consultation process was easy and stress free, and they soon had on paper my aspirations. They provided a number of drawings, plans, building consents, building regulations and structural calculations in preparation for the work to be tendered. MJMDA have provided an excellent service and we would have no hesitation in recommending them for further work.