A World Apart


St. Julian's




Finalised July 2014

Stark Blocks is a luxurious, duplex penthouse. We imbued the property with a Nordic feel. The space’s architecture and interior design is completely bespoke. In this project, we were quite restricted by MEPA, so innovative use of the oddly proportioned space was required. We used custom carpentry and natural materials, including stone floors, to bring simplicity, sophistication and sharpness to an otherwise bland space.

In consultation with our clients, we opted for an open-plan design that maximised the limited available area. In so doing, we achieved unity and flow, and we also used the outdoor space to visually enlarge the interior.

The open design also made the space flexible: it can serve as a place of entertainment as much as a calming zone for relaxation. One can sit in the bubbling tub on the terrace, lounge by the fire with a view over scenic Balluta Bay, have a barbecue on the opposite terrace or even laze on the outdoor sofa bed overlooking Portomaso Marina.

Inside, the long kitchen island that connects the living and kitchen areas is a multi-functional zone. The family gathers around it, cocktails are served from it and a restorative breakfast is made on it.

Eye-catching colours, elegance and a maximisation of space are the order of the day. There are hints of yellow and orange, and the deluxe three-seater sofa is the ultimate chill-out spot. Our design also extended to the on-stand TV, which can be rotated to be used for both internal and external viewing.

Photography: Peter M Mercieca
Selected furniture items: Camilleri Paris Mode and BoConcept