Location : l-Ibragg

Status : Completed July 2016

On the slopes of Ta' l-Ibragg, in the midst of a quiet residential area, lies an unoccupied new house. A house without an occupant, a shell form calling out for an owner to be able to complete ots final metamorphosis into a home. Opposite the sloping road stand a couple, whose wanderings have left them yearning for that place. Their special place where they can root and grow.

Standing at this threshold is a potential for the realisation of a new bond. The fruit of which is the creation of bridge between matter and people that connects the present with the future. Thus the home gives a sense of the heart of a tree pointing towards the various parts of the house like lights at the end of a tunnel.

The ground floor area keeps this theme and adapts itself to needs of simplicity and open plan living that connect the kitchen, dining, living and outdoor spaces. Beneath the roots, one descends to the cavernous basement that will allow the owners and their guests to enjoy the entertainment area.

The house opens out to the outdoor spaces where new life is given to the concrete walls and floors. From the timber outdoor dining one goes over the gentle slope with grass, trees and other flora that circle around the pool area with its spaces that open to the light of the sun. The central heart also leads its spaces above where the more private spaces of the bedrooms and studio are situated. The timber remains present in those places where the owners and the home will interact. The final presence of this is in the roof terrace where it will welcome people to the outdoor seating area and screen the services from which the whole house, that like an organism will draw its energy from the constant cycles of the sun.


Photography: Peter Mark Mercieca