London School of English

Location : San Gwann

Status : Designed Nov 2015

As the earth unites into a global village, we are more aware that all of us are borne of the same clay.  Colours are just frequencies of the same electromagnetic spectrum, and nations are of the same species.  Language and communication are at the core of this one village phenomenon.  And schools such as the London School of English aid and abet this goal.

Communication requires a concise method of passing on a message and continuing to build on the numbers of persons who can partake in the English language does this.  Communication requires clarity and efficiency, but also eloquence on occasion.  Commerce this level also shares the same values, efficiency, clarity, fluidity and flow.

MJMDA have taken on board these hallmarks and a brief of some complexity and united it through architecture, structure, legal implications and a host of other parameters to propose a building that is aimed at clarity and communication.  The façade communicates a simple multiculturalism and diversity through its use of colour and verticality; a hallmark of the homo erectus and developed language.