Camilleri Group Offices

Location : Handaq, Limits of Qormi

Status : Completed Jan 2014

The Camilleri Group Offices located in the Handaq Industrial Estate are mainly composed of  individual offices and open office areas. The working spaces offer a forward looking and more sustainable office environment which aims to cultivate team work by providing an in-house training centre and additional meeting rooms.

The highly energy efficient building fabric provides a number of energy-related features which make these offices stand out from the conventional.The insertion of three longitudinal courtyards in the layout itself act as lightwells to a number of the individual offices, two of which are open air to cater for natural ventilation requirements to the adjoining offices. PV panels are also used to partially cover this and act as shading.

Glazed partitioning was also used for the individual offices to allow a comfortable working environment and provide maximum natural light penetration. A large internal skylight of dimensions 10000mm by 2200mm is located above the central courtyard was also installed to enhance air flow and further increase the allowance of natural light.

On the building  roof one hundred and ninty-five PV panels of dimensions 1500mm by 900mm were installed. Eight PV panels provide approximately 13KW of electric power per day thus altogether those installed may  build up approximately 318KW of electric power per day.

Photography: Peter M. Mercieca.