Homes: Born and Reincarnated






Finalised Dec 2011

Motionless and decaying, properties often lie in disrepair for decades but, they’re not lying statically. They are collecting unwelcome intruders, environmental attack and corrosion. All the while, they long for someone to find a need and use for them again; they long for someone to love them.

Properties have the potential to interact with us and provide us with experiences, but it takes time, courage, effort and investment to bring about the force of transformation. By selecting the right people with the right skills, one can radically change a property and have it transform one’s life for the better in return.

Before we got our hands on this house of character, its layout was convoluted and several animals lurked in its dark, humid rooms leading off from the courtyard. The farmhouse had been left to its own devices for a long time. Its paint was flaking and its walls were crumbling.

When two professionals decided to take on the property and nurture the space back to its full potential, they changed the purpose of the place completely. The crowded buildings in the courtyard had to go and the entrance was transformed into a key axis, driving passage from the inside, leading to the pool area and then back into the indoor space.

On either side of the entrance, storage cabinets double up as sources of light, setting the scene for a series of multi-functional design elements. To the left, a roomy study was created and to the right, a two-car garage opens onto the pool area. Throughout the house, rooms lead to the outdoors – even though the farmhouse has evolved, it is still rooted in nature.

Photography: Raimondo Di Egidio, courtesy of HOMEWORKS