Homes: Born and Reincarnated






Finalised Jun 2010

Architecture holds the magic to make the impossible feel possible and to make the old feel new again. This spectacular property in Naxxar was presented to us as somewhat of a cavernous dwelling. In addressing the core needs and values of its occupants, we transformed the property’s state of living.

First and foremost, we created opportunities for the outside to be let inside. Passage through the space is now characterised by clean, centralised flow, which is a marked difference to the previous labyrinthine entrance.

The traditional, old walls are firmly rooted on the ground, and we created a design that respects them fully. The walls influenced the entire development of the project. The structure saw some fresh, new amendments that meld together to form a unique architectural journey. The outcome is multi-functional, grounded, organised, natural and forward-looking.

A suggestion of lightness is carried throughout. We used lightweight timber projections in the stairwell that climb up towards the light. The slits in between the steps allow light to flow down from the sky. Strands of steel seemingly hang from the heavens but are supported by the core of the lightweight staircase.

Photos by Alan Carville © Eve Publications 2011



We wanted to make better use of our old house. The instructions that we handed to our architect were namely those of increasing the outdoor space, adding another bedroom and having one centralized staircase. In the process we were also interested in seeing how certain spaces could be re-visited and used in a more advantageous manner. We were also after maximizing the natural light that our property is lucky to have. MJMDA managed to satisfy our requests to the full, and even though in retrospect there are things that could have been handled better, we are overall very pleased with the final result.