Homes: Born and Reincarnated


San Gwann




Finalised Jan 2010

We rehabilitated this semi-detached villa beyond recognition. It is the same house, but space has been optimised, injected with functionality and used as a canvas for materials that guarantee a supreme lifestyle.

Central to the design is the balance between the rectilinear and flowing sculptural masses. This is nowhere more evident than on the staircase where materials – timber, glass and steel – juxtapose memorably. Rigid ‘orthogonality’ runs down the core of the stairwell. But its fringes contain momentary departures from the controlled lines. Converging lines melt away the rigidity and reach a subliminal state of ease.

Such a drastic transformation required a completely bespoke design. So much so that we even custom-made the furniture. The plush bedroom sits on a maple floor and contains custom-built furniture in solid maple with a white leather trim. This is where sophistication meets repose.

Photography: Peter M Mercieca



MJMDA have been our architects for the past 6 years and we have used their design and project management services for our offices, residence and factory. Their service has been of the highest standard and integrity. We recommend them without reservation.