A World Apart






Finalised Jun 2011

Sight is often the most highly prioritised sense. In fact, we live in a world that is dominated by visual appeal and images tend to define the way we feel. In reality, the ultimate living space relies on tickling our other senses, too.

In Place Perfect, sound is the prism through which light creates colours. With music being our client’s passion, creating a sound-controlled space became our aim. We strategically placed a semi-concealed sound room in the centre of the apartment. It connects to the hall and living space through a sound-linked glass box, which also houses the resident’s prized instruments. This is the pulse of the home.

The glazed box is also central to the palette of materials and colours adorning the apartment. Using the box, light – both natural and artificial – is reflected and refracted throughout the home. Bold colours are softened and blend in well with the milder, natural tones the client desired. Sight and sound are harmonised in Place Perfect. Sometimes, it’s all about the detail – especially when creating perfection.



MJMDA looked after our new apartment project before we got married in 2011. We met on various occasions to give briefs, preferences and requirements. When we started this project, getting across exactly what my husband and I wanted seemed impossible, until we saw the first draft designs. We were stunned. It was almost exactly what we were after right from the get go. All the toing and froing after that simply fine tuned the designs and furnishings. We were thrilled! The process was smooth and very professional. MJMDA took our project to heart and we could feel that each recommendation they made was aimed at ensuring the bigger picture would be fab, and it sure was. We love our home. It's stylish but above all it's practical. Thank you MJMDA