A World Apart






Finalised Sep 2009

Urban Chic is about transitions and journeys. It epitomises wise use of space while enhancing that sense of safety and self that one desires in a home.

Its small space posed a welcome challenge, and the MJMDA team brought a wealth of knowledge and skills to the table. The apartment’s two bedrooms were previously long and narrow, but they were re-configured to reach their full potential complete with ensuite bathrooms.

The master bedroom was designed to suit a variety of lifestyles. From bathing and dressing to sleeping and relaxing, the room is the apartment’s inner sanctum and zone of comfort. This is the spot for physical and mental rest. The second bedroom uses light materials. We designed the floors to blend into the walls while maintaining the structural concrete support as a striking focal point.

In the rest of the apartment, timber masses were set afloat over a white resin floor. One form was shaped into a functional storage space and bar in the living area – perfect for entertaining. Spaces between the timber surfaces were skilfully made to conceal the laundry room, box room, guestroom and control room.

The living space was crafted to be attractive but practical. The hidden-away kitchen is a vantage point in the apartment. It balances a functional workstation with a stylish and curvaceous plush “Tufty” sofa by B&B. Arber leather chairs surround a Porro glazed table, creating that perfect social spot for family and friends. To bring the design to a unique close, an orange back-sprayed, crystal-clear Foscarini O-Space lamp hangs over the table to unite the complete experience.

Photography: Peter M Mercieca



Trusted MJMDA with project management. Design was flawless and they made sure that every corner should be utilized, maximizing space, functionality and creating the right energy. MJMDA have done a fantastic job !